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Baccarat is a game that is currently loved by many people at online bookmakers. Besides the element of luck, players need to grasp for themselves ways to predict Baccarat to increase their odds of winning big. If you are a newbie, don’t ignore the undefeated Baccarat prediction secrets of the experts shared by the reputable bookmaker 188jili in the article below. Make sure to grasp and apply these methods well, you will play Baccarat with a spirit of confidence and your winning rate will be many times higher.

What is predict Baccarat?

What is predict Baccarat?
What is predict Baccarat?

Baccarat is an attractive and attractive casino betting genre that attracts many players. Although this game always has many potential factors of uncertainty on each betting table. However, it also has its own specific rules, which are synthesized and summarized from many previous players. Gradually people call it Predict Baccarat.

In fact, the way to predict Baccarat is similar to the way to predict lottery, lottery, etc. Players will look at the table of results that happened at that betting table. From there you can see what rules are governing the results of bets.

By finding this rule, players will make more accurate predictions for future bets and increase their success rate. Although predicting this result will not necessarily be 100% accurate, it will at least be higher than the 50% probability, at worst 60% if your analysis of the results will be more effective.

Information you need to know before Predict Baccarat

To apply Predict Baccarat, you must first pay attention to the results history of an ongoing Baccarat table. In which parameters need to be captured such as:

  • Betting history numbers table, blue is the house’s symbol, red is the house’s symbol. The letter X is a game that results in a draw.
  • The large statistics table includes abbreviation B for dealer, abbreviation P for house, and T for tie.
  • Table Quantity of doors on the table. There are a number of draws in this table and most of the players rely on this to make big profits.

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Instructions on how to bet on Baccarat or undefeated for experts

Instructions on how to bet on Baccarat or undefeated for experts
Instructions on how to bet on Baccarat or undefeated for experts

Grasping the positions and information in the betting game, new players can start the prediction technology to make money. Currently, Predict Baccarat are divided into the following types:

Hit the ground ball

Platform bridges are also known as vertical bridges. This is the most common type of bridge when playing Baccarat and is understood as the row of houses or the one that appears until the end of the game. If long troughs appear, you can comfortably take profits. To see flat signs, players need to pay attention to 3 simple signs.

One is that the table has appeared flat, the ball is flat in the 3rd hand or more. And the games that appear flat bridge will have a distance of no more than 3 points between Cai – Con. Once you realize this rule, just play the base from the 4th hand and persevere until the bridge breaks.

Moreover, when playing the bridge, you should not think that if you come out 10 times, you will not come back the 11th or 12th time. Applying this Predict Baccarat method is safer than folding and is suitable for players who do not need too much finances.

How to predict Baccarat 1-1

The 1-1 bridge is quite difficult to play and the same applies to the 2-2 and 3-3 bridges. This type of demand is understood as the winning position of the house and the house changing alternately. If you want to win this bet, the player must observe 3 consecutive matches taking place in the bet before wanting to bet. The 1-1 bridge usually appears in 4-6 spans and very rarely has up to 10 spans.

When you catch this bridge, you should play downstream. At first, set it very big, then as you get closer to the end of the bridge, set it smaller and smaller until the bridge breaks. However, before starting, players should look at many betting tables of the house to choose the right bet as well as be very alert to know when the bridge starts.

Bridge 1-2 or 1-3

Bridge 1-2 means 1 to this house and 2 to go to that house, repeating that many times. This type of bridge is easily confused with the 1-1 bridge, so players need to watch carefully. In the case of a new bridge to prevent a broken bridge, it is better for the player to spend 1 game watching the bridge to identify the standard before playing. Similar application for Predict Baccarat 1-3.

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Double sticky bridge 2 – 3 – 4 – 2 – two

The double sticky bridge 2 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 2 is almost similar to the flat bridge 2-2 so there are quite a few players who get confused. Therefore, you need to carefully review the large summary table and the number of results before performing this prediction. If you see a double stick appearing, double the tail to increase your odds.

The bridge is tilted

If you bet on the small side, it means that the house’s result is overwhelming the house. When you encounter this bridge, you should play by raising one side, increasing your capital for the next game if the previous game is lost.

The bridge tilts

A tilted bridge means that the house’s results are overwhelming compared to the house’s. Raising a useful side is the house so that your winnings are more certain. Because the result is that the house is usually 10% more than the house. These are reported data from experts. When playing this bridge, you should apply double play to ensure the highest efficiency.

Should I follow a bridge to death or break the bridge?

Should I follow a bridge to death or break the bridge?
Should I follow a bridge to death or break the bridge?

According to professional Baccarat players, you should fix breaking the bridge because this is extremely serious. Although any bridge will eventually break, if you break it in a suicidal way without knowledge, the risk of losing all your money is very high. Many players realize that a bridge that is 6-8 spans long will break, so they often wait to bet at that time. However, there are still bridges longer than 10 hands appearing, that is Chuong Duong bridge.

If you are a smart player, you should not just break the bridge at will, but watch for the sign of a new bridge appearing to start. Not only that, if you don’t have much experience, you absolutely should not bet on a Draw. Because this is a game with a very low winning rate even though the reward rate is very high.

Pay attention when using Predict Baccarat method

To predict Baccarat effectively, in addition to memorizing the secrets, you should also pay attention to the following issues:

  • Choose a reputable and reputable bookmaker to predict Baccarat. Because nowadays there are many bookies providing online card playing services, so choosing a bookmaker depending on your choice may very well mean you will not be able to withdraw money even if you have deposited and won a bet.
  • Cultivate skills and experience by practicing extensively. Directly experiencing many card games will help you develop better judgment and reflexes.
  • Know when to stop when playing Baccarat by setting the amount of bets to use each time you play. Stop if you run out of capital when you lose continuously and don’t be greedy even when you are winning big.

Above are ways to predict Baccarat numbers as well as a few notes when participating in betting. Hope the information in the article is useful to you. Currently, the Baccarat game is increasingly popular on the online platform. You can come to 188jili to start experiencing and applying the Predict Baccarat tips mentioned above. This is a reliable house for you to participate in playing Baccarat.

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